Monday, May 30, 2011


Wow!! It's really, truly happening! Up to this point, moving to Japan was something happening in the near future, but now it's HAPPENING! I know I say this in every post, but I feel like each week  I post, our move is getting more and more real.. It's sorta like planning a vacation to some fabulous place 6 months before it's actually going to take place. You know you are going and you are planning the trip for months, but it doesn't actually seem real until you start packing your suitcases and arrange for someone to watch your pets. That's what's going on now. Josh and Elliot left with the dogs for Tennessee on Friday, while Hannah and I stayed behind to get everything ready for the express shipment on Tuesday. We've had a pile of stuff in the craft room waiting to be moved out into the livingroom for the packers and a few other things to add closer to the move date. Everything is piled in the livingroom, in some sort of order of course, cause if you know me, I like to have things organized!!

 I know it looks like an un organized mess, but there are actually laundry baskets with  all of the kitchen supplies we wanted to send early, another with linens and blankets, toys for each of the girls and then of course the ever so loved pink zebra pillow pet and Wii! We were also sure to stock up on a very large selection of construction paper, as my girls go through it faster than a dog drinking water on a very hot day! I even bought some Dunkin Donut coffee to send over, so at least when I'm feeling overwhelmed and missing the comfort of my friends and family, I'll have some trusty ole' Dunkin to help me feel better!!

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