Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What We Imagine

So, what should I blog about tonight?? I'm kind of at a loss. Josh tells me that my blog is boring cause there are no pictures. I just haven't had any pictures to post.. However, rest assured, there will be MANY photos coming in future blogs! Once we get there I'm sure I'll have trouble figuring out what pictures NOT to post! Until then, text will have to do!
     We've been talking a lot about what we *think* Sasebo might look like and what we are excited to see and learn. Hannah says she often pictures in her head what her bedroom will look like and has even drawn out on a printed floor plan, where her bed, dresser, bookshelf and desk will go. She is excited to explore around the area and to eat Japanese food. She's also a little sad to leave her friends again, as she's moved a lot over the last few years. I really hope she gets to stay in one spot for a while, cause she deserves it!
  Elliot said she's not excited about anything, she just wants to make sure that there is macaroni and cheese, hot dogs and cereal bars at the commissary. She's taking this moving thing kinda hard, which surprises me, cause usually she's the one who is pretty easy going.
   I'm excited to see what it looks like in general. I can picture what they might look like, but I am sure that when I actually get on that blue bus that will take us from the airport in Fukuoka to Sasebo, I'm probably at some point going to look at Josh and say, "WHAT DID WE JUST DO??!!" It's going to be SO different from what we are used to, but also exciting to experience something new. I'm sure there will be times when I burst into tears and wish I could just go "home", (I'm not sure where that is exactly, since we've lived in Rhode Island, San Diego, Monterey and Annapolis over the last 10 years) but that's usually how I am when we move. I'll be fine for a while and then bust out in tears, get my stress out and then I'll be fine again!  For now though, this is the picture that I have in my head of what Sasebo looks like.. I think it's pretty!!

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