Monday, June 6, 2011

Saying Goodbye Is Hard To Do!!

I've never been good at goodbyes. Infact, I often try and convince myself that it will not be the last time I will see someone, so I don't have to say good bye. I think it's a good defense mechinism. If I never say good bye then it's not offically over. Well, that and the fact that in the Navy, it's never really "good bye", it's usually see "you later", as we most likely will see everyone somewhere down the line at another duty station. I also think if I cried and had a pity party every time I moved away from family and friends, I'd have spent half of the last 10 years with a tear stained face and swollen eyes. Not to mention that there is always a new adventure around the corner waiting for us to arrive.
     This past week, we traveled to Tennessee to drop off our dogs at Josh's parents house and spend some time with the family before we leave. We spent June 1st, which is Josh and Ainsley's (our neice) birthday at Mr. Jim and Ms. Becky's absolutely beautiful lake house. The girls had a wonderful time playing together in the water, tubing and eating cookies before lunch!! We celebrated their birthdays with cake and lemon meringue pie for Josh and ate lots and lots of good food. The girls went fishing and Elliot caught a fish!!

At Mem and Pop Pop's house, we swam in the neighbors pool daily and the girls played 'till their hearts content and sometimes their hearts weren't content, but they had to go to sleep sometime! Lucky for them, we also had LOTS of sleepovers!!

         I won't lie, it wasn't easy saying good bye to our family a few weeks ago or this past weekend. It wasn't even easy saying good bye to our beloved dogs, Boomer and Maggie.

      In fact, I cried all the way down Germantown Parkway ( it's not the shortest road I've ever driven down, especially with all the lights) and for a while down the highway. It really stunk!!
 That's when I have to think back to what I said above. I have to remember that's it's only "See you later" and look forward to the new adventures that await us.


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