Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What One Little Piece of Paper Can Do!

 It's amazing what one little piece of paper can mean when you are moving overseas! We've been waiting and waiting for this DEA to arrive and it finally did two days ago! I honestly can't tell you how excited I was to see the e mail titled with our name in the inbox! Really, what this paper means is that the girls and I are sponsored by the command Josh will be working for and therefore we can move with him to Japan. Until we get that piece of paper in hand, we could not set up our moves or get our flights lined up. Josh was the only one "approved" to move to Japan according to the military, until we received this piece of paper. Since getting this ever so desired paper, we've offically set up all of our moves!! We also got a phone call this morning, letting us know that our government passports were ready to be picked up and our flight arrangements are being made within the next week or so.  Now, all we are waiting on, is for the packers to come next week, the first week of June and the third week of June. It's all becoming so real. We really are moving to Japan!
    On another note, we went to New York this past weekend to celebrate the marriage of my cousin Ben and his beautiful new wife, Janell!!  Ben and Janell are in the Army and although the Navy and Army have a little rivalry, we are proud that they are serving our country!   It was a beautiful wedding and we all really enjoyed spending time with my extended family. Our girls really had a blast playing with their cousins!! Below is a picture at the wedding, of my brothers children, my cousin Lindsey and my girls.

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