Monday, May 2, 2011

Smooth Move!

There's not much new to report this week.  We are still waiting on our Dependent Entry Approval or DEA, so that we can offically set up our household good moves and arrange our flights. Time is creeping up on us and I'm getting excited!
   The Fleet and Family Service Center offers a class called Smooth Move for Kids, which helps give kids ideas on how to make new friends at their new duty station and talks about how it's Ok to have mixed emotions when getting ready to move and how to deal with them. I wasn't sure that it was going to be that great, but the girls seemed to really want to go, so we took them. We figured if they were excited about going, why not! While it was a little dorky for us, the adults, it was PERFECT for them. The two women running it were wonderful and let them talk about things they were feeling and did some interactive activities, which taught them how to introduce themselves and give one interesting fact about themselves. Hannah went first and she thought and thought about what she was going to say. I was for sure she would tell them that she was a swimmer, as she had just spent the hour prior to this class, jumping off the 16 foot dive block, but instead she told them that she was in the gifted and talented class for math.  Of course that's wonderful and I'm so glad she's proud of herself for that, I just figured she'd have said swimming, so she could tell someone  else that she had jumped 16 feet down into a pool, which I think is pretty darn impressive!! Elliot of course,  told them that she had two dogs, Maggie and Boomer and that they were her best friends. That's my girl, the animal lover!! I swear she's going to be the college student who adopts every single stray cat in the neighborhood!  At any rate, both girls loved this class and I would recommend it to anyone who is getting ready to PCS to a new duty station with young kids.

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