Monday, May 9, 2011

A Little Madness

It's been an exciting day at our house!! We woke up bright and early to head on up to the Ft. Meade Passport Office, to apply for our goverment passports. The trip up there was easy and finding the building wasn't too hard either. We walked in and handed in the paperwork, along with a copy of our orders, 2 photos of each of us and our birth certificates. I thought we were all set and then the passport lady looks up and says, "This isn't an original birth certificate."  I say, " Well it says certified copy of original birth certificate and it has a notary seal on it, so it should be fine." She replies with, " No, all birth certificates have to be original!" Funny thing is, is that both of my girls birth certificates also say, "Original certified copy and they were both OK." So, she took my certificate and said that if it's not accepted she'll let me know in 6-8 weeks.. Umm.. right... cause in 6-8 weeks I need that passport to fly to my new home.. We'll see how this goes!!
   The rest of the day went pretty well..  I dropped  the girls off at school and I returned home to clean up the house and start organizing our belongings. I've got lots of stuff to drop off at Goodwill and if you check out my trash and recylcing bins every Monday evening, you just might find some good stuff before the trash guys come Tuesday morning! I know my neighbor across the street did, cause she called me to let me know she took some of it!
   The evening came and we had swim  team practice, met Josh for dinner at the academy and came home to get the girls ready for bed. It was at that time I smelled a burning smell. Humm...... That can't be good!  Followed the smell downstairs into the laundry room and found the dryer was the culprit! Sooo.. it looks like I won't be drying laundry for a while.. Better bust out a line! Back upstairs to dry Elliot's hair and heard some very obscene words flying around outside. Took a peek out the door, to find 6 guys standing on the side of the road yelling nasty words I won't repeat and threatening to punch each other. Awesome!!! I live in a decent neighborhood, so I was kind of surprised to hear and see this. Stood there for a minute and it kept escalating.. Finally decided to call the police, which apparently several other people did before me. Drama averted! 
    On another note, still no pack out dates, or Dependent Entry Approval.. I'm praying those roll in soon, cause I'm starting to get a little worried!!

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