Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sushi and Tee shirts

I was thrilled when Josh and I woke up this morning and sat on the couch to drink some coffee together before the girls woke up and he told me he wasnt't going in to work today. He usually works Monday through Saturday, so this being a rare opportunity, I immediately began thinking of things we could do and places we could explore. He, however, had another idea.
 He said, " I've never gone to the 2nd floor of Aeon".  Aeon is a 3 story building with many, many individual stores inside of it. The first floor is a grocery store, bakery, a few resturants and a drug store of sorts. The second floor we learned was the clothing floor. Aeon is set up so there are many different stores in one large open space. There are no walls to seperate them, but rather one side of a large shelf is one store and the other side of the shelf may be another.  At any rate, we walked all around the clothing floor of Aeon and found a lot of very unsual tee shirts.... For your entertainment, here they are.

                                   If you have a willing mind, you'll make lots of pleasure!!

                I really can't even begin to understand what in the world this could possibly mean.

This one says, " Let's make it over firmly not to be here painting is left paint cans."
Again, not sure what this means. I wish I could translate it back to Japanese and see what it says then.

Apparently there are a lot of factory working insects.

 I guess if I wear this I'm sure to be come great, have lots of happiness and hope?

The third floor of Aeon is household goods, like rugs, bedding, curtains, bathroom stuff and a few other shops like the Hello Kitty store and a few more resturants. There's also an arcade up there.
After we finished on the 2nd floor, we went back down to the first floor to the grocery store. I was told there was sushi to be had there for a decent price, so we went to scope it out. The girls were very interested in the whole fish in the refrigerated section and some squid tentacles...

How would you cook these for dinner??

I'm not sure what kind of fish this is, but Elliot wanted to touch it's eye.

 Buying things from the japanese grocery store is interesting. You just have to look at things and hope that they taste as good as they look. The girls found that the pink things on the right hand side, although they looked sweet, were not at all. We still aren't sure what they are, but they were salty and not plesant. Instead they enjoyed some Strawberry Pocky, which is a sort of stick cookie covered on strawberry  yogurt, after they ate their dumpings ( in the front of the picture).
 Josh and I enjoyed Sushi rolls, which I think were tuna, and then a tray of shrimp sushi and the other tray of a mixture of different sushi's. We also decided to try a Japanese beer, which tastes the same as American beer and some mini hot dog/ sausage things that Elliot had a sample of and really liked.
All in all we had a great day exploring Aeon, being with Josh and enjoying our lunch  together!!

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