Monday, August 8, 2011

The Show... A Yakiniku Experience

Several weeks ago our friends John and Ro took us to this resturant called "The Show Place." Think Bennihana, but without the chef cooking for you. The first time we came here, we were sans kids, but this time we brought them along for the experience. Each table has it's own little curtain  to provide you with privacy. Here's what it looks like when you sit down... Of course the cute littles girls don't come with it. ;O)
The little ring in the middle of the table is the habachi grill that you cook your meat on.  The girls were super excited to start cooking, so we took the menu out to figure out what we were going to order..

Lucky for us, they had an English Menu...

The Choice Lunch just meant a better cut of meat than the first one.

For those of you who know Elliot, know she's a very picky eater. So, we weren't sure she would actually eat this, since it came raw and she had to cook it. I guess that it's true that kids like food that they prepare better, cause this is what she did with almost all of the meat she had on her plate..

Unfortunately Elliot doesn't like rice, because she could have eaten as much as she wanted!!

Our spread at The Show Place! We got a salad with a great sesame dressing, miso soup, meat and veggies to cook on the grill and a really good melon soda!! The Japanese have lots of great little dishes to put sauces to dip your meat and veggies in and eat. I imagine there are lots of dishes after a good japanese meal, but the food is so good, it's worth it!!

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