Monday, June 13, 2011

Boxes and Birthdays!

      One more pack out down and one more to go. Next week is the BIG pack out, where everything goes!! Hannah was excited to pose on one of the boxes in our living room the other day, so here she is!!

Our good friends are going out of town that same week and needed someone to watch their dogs, so we will be lucky enough to stay in their home, while ours is being packed and loaded. I'm also excited that I'll be in a house with dogs again, because I really miss mine!
       For new news,we got our itinerary this week!! I knew our flight from the states to Japan was going to be 12 hours, but what I didn't think of, was that time was only from the states to Tokyo, not to our final destination. Our total travel time from here to our final destination is actually 25 hours!!! Ugghhh!!! We are going to be EXHAUSTED when we get there!
  On another note, we had Elliot's early 6th birthday party this past weekend. She was upset about not being able to celebrate with her friends from kindergarten, so we decided an early party was the way to go. She invited all of the girls from her class and a few from her Daisy troop and we had a movie party. She very much enjoyed herself and loved having her friends over to celebrate her birthday.

  The girls also had their class picnics this past week and had a blast! The girls have really enjoyed their school and their teachers! I think these pictures below show it pretty well!

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