Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I don't like fish...

   I've never been a fan of fish.. Truthfully, I've always been a super picky eater and would have NEVER even given a second thought to eating anything with fish in it. Especially raw fish! That is until February, when Josh came home and asked what I thought of moving to Japan. My first reaction was,"No way!" We had finally settled down here in Annapolis, I had a job I loved, and I finally felt like this was "home". Why in the world would I willingly leave? Then, as the evening went on, my mind began to change. I began thinking about what an amazing opportunity this would be for our family. When else would be ever be able to live in another country and experience the amazing things that Japan had to offer? By the next morning, I was convinced that moving to Japan was what we were supposed to do. So I told Josh, "Let's do it!"  After a few more days of deliberation, he decided we should go for it too. We were moving to Japan!
      Josh called his detailer and let him know that we were willing to take the billet. That evening we decided to celebrate by going out to a Sushi bar. I know, I don't like fish, why would we go to a sushi bar? Don't worry, I ordered teriyaki chicken with vegetables, all which are cooked and not fish. Josh ordered sushi rolls and sushimi, which are just nice lumps of raw fish on white rice... Ewww.... The girls got Japanese sodas and Yakisoba. When our food arrived, Josh dug in to his sushi and I sat there staring at the slabs of raw fish on rice. Is this what I was subjecting myself too? Three years of eating raw fish on rice? Maybe I should have reconsidered my decision? Nope.. I decided right then and there that I was going to learn to like Sushi!!

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  1. Good for you! Try it...I'm certain you'll find something you'll like. I was the same way until I tried it. Now we've even made our own! I love sushi and sushimi...I only wish we could eat it more often!