Monday, July 25, 2011

Sushi Go Round and Round and Round......

 I fear I may need to re name my blog. On the other hand, maybe in less than a months time since moving to Sasebo, I've completed my mission??
   Yesterday after church we ventured out to a resturant with the B family to try something new.. Well new for us anyway, as the B's have been there before.  We went to a place that I, just a few months ago would have dreaded going to and probably not eaten anything on the menu. This place was called Sushi Go Round. Well, that may not be the real name of it, but since we can't read Japanese, that's what the American's call it. Why is it called Sushi Go Round, you may ask?? Well, cause the sushi goes around on a conveyor belt and as the plates of sushi "go round" you take what you want and eat it. Each plate costs about $1.50.  It then conveys back into the kitchen and the sushi chefs add more plates to the empty spots and around they go again.

  Also at each table is your own personal little hot water dispenser to make green tea.  You take a cup located either on your table or above the conveyor belt and add some green tea powder, also located on your table and add the water. Here's what it looks like.

  What kind of sushi did I eat you may ask?  Surely NOT the kind with the raw fish on the top of some rice, right?!  The kind of sushi that I talked about in my very first post.. Most certianly not that kind, because as I stated in that post, I think that is disgusting! Well, again, I may have to re name my blog, because I DID eat that kind of sushi!! I learned that the Japanese don't actually make many sushi rolls, just fish on rice... So, here's an example of a few things we ate yesterday and what they are...

This is fried egg on rice. OK, so it's not fish, but it was something new I hadn't tried before and it was pretty good...

Now this is raw and cooked fish on rice. The one in the front is raw with some seaweed on rice. the orangish looking one is cooked shrimp on rice and the one in the back is another raw fish with some sauce and some white lettuce looking stuff on it. I could have done without the sauce on that one, as it was kinda mayonaise-ish and I don't like mayonaise. Perhaps I should change my blog name to that??

I also ate tuna, cuddle fish and whatever that white stuff is in the middle of the two. That one was kinda rubbery, but I was impressed at the lack of fish taste any of these had. I guess that's how it's supposed to be.

 Elliot had a more difficult time finding something to eat. She did pull a piece of melon off the belt and also ate a piece of cake she said was cheese cake. We ended up ordering her something off the menu.. Can you guess what it was??

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  1. I would have chosen the french fries too. However, the egg and rice didn't look TOO bad! I *might* have tried that!